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DEMENTIA 21 Vol.1 English Ver.

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Sci-Fi Nursing Manga?! ”DEMENTIA21”What will nursing be like in the future? Yukie Sakai, a home care giver, is a specialist for nursing patients under the serious condition. Although she does her best for the patients, she cannot achieve the high-reward rating. It is because of the patients' peculiar behaviour.... Don't miss the manga maestro Kago's strange world!
In the first place she's sent to there are a lot of mysterious incidents and all the home helper got serious injury. Can she avoid the accidents and complete the mission?
In the second story, Yukie is sent to the house of 3 old sisters. She felt that caring for 3 people all by herself was strenuous, but the next day there were 6 people! And soon even more... As the number of old people keeps increasing, Yukie gets tremendously busy. Will she be able to overcome this hardship?
In the final story, Yukie is sent to the house of an old woman with dangerous supernatural powers. Things and persons she forgets just disappear from this world. In the end the old woman's dementia gets worse and her supernatural powers run wild! What will become of Yukie?!
Interviews with Shintaro Kago, Only in the BookThe works in this book are the first three episodes of DEMENTIA 21, KAGO MANIA, and Detective SumoKING. In addition to those, the interviews with Kago appear in this book.
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